Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oddness at Work

I work in a brewery. I always tell people that brewers are basically one step away from being pirates. We're strange, quirky, sometimes disgusting creatures, but we are not without merit. We realize that it is our job to make beer. Yes! Beer! We're not making artificial hearts or saving baby koalas. We're making beer. If we mess some up, we dump it and make more. Obviously we try not to do that, but the point is, we have a lot of fun. I discovered something pretty awesome in the bathtub today at work that I feel the need to share. Yes, we have a bathtub. When John McDonald, Founder/President/All Around Awesome Dude started the brewery he actually lived in the building for a while. Being a pretty accomplished carpenter, he constructed what I refer to as "the coolest work bathroom ever". The attention to detail is pretty stellar and it has a bathtub. Without further rambling, here is what I found in the bathtub:

Obviously (or maybe not if you've never used one) this is not a bidet. The lab dwellers have rigged up a way to clean super long pipettes and it just happens to take place in a bathtub. This discovery is an example of some of the fine work of the lab folk. I'll find out exactly who did it and give credit where credit is due. This find prompted me to go back through my phone pictures to find other examples of work fun. Here are some more pictures, less babbling, and some mildly informative captions.

If you're going to lock someone in the bathroom, this is the best way to do it. I know this
because I was the one locked in the bathroom. Fork trucks are heavy.
This what 19,000 pounds of spent grain looks like. I'm a fan of the word "spectacular"
because it can describe things that are both good and bad. This time was bad.
This is a "tank parts" man that one of our brewers' sons built. Freaking sweet.
I'm almost positive that this one was meant to offend me, but I thought it was pretty funny.


  1. Danner, where are the other 18,700 lbs of spent grain in that photo?

  2. For real, dude, I checked the level of the tank before and after the dumpage. That's nearly 9.5 tons on the ground.